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供应商评分 英文翻译 Supplier rating

供应商 supplier;provider;distributor更多释义>> [网络短语] 独立软件供应商 Independent software vendor,Éditeur de logiciel,ISV 独立硬件供应商 IHV,independent hardware vendor,onafhankelijke hardwareleverancier 无线服务供应...

一级供应商:Tier One 二级供应商:Tier Two Tier One 一级供应商;第一梯队;一线;一级资本;第一级资本 双语例句: Tier one capital includes equity and retained earnings but also various types of hybrid debt instruments. 除了股本和留存...

您好! 以下资料供您参考,祝您开心每一天! ----------------------------------------------------------------- long term & reliable supplier

我们已经和好几个供应商查过之后 After we checked with several suppliers

I have contacted the textile fabric supplier. 或者 I contacted the textile fabric supplier。前一个翻译是现在完成时,表示过去的动作对现在有影响,比如你向老板汇报你已经联系了供应商,不用再联系了或者已经完成了任务。第二翻译是过去...

the second supplier alternate supplier 都行

Hello Mr. ***, How is your holiday? Hope everything is fine. Couple of questions below are very urgently, pls reply me ASAP: 1, How about the process of my newest order? When can you delivery it for shipping? Give me your soone...

回答和翻译如下: 优秀供应商入围奖。 Excellent supplier award.

供应商_有道词典 释义: supplier,supplier,provider,distributor 短语: 供应商 Suppliers;provider;Vendor供应商质量管理 SQE;SQM;supplier quality management服务供应商 Service Provider;Service Partners;Internet Service Provider


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