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riddle n.[C] 1. 谜,谜语 Can you guess the answer to this riddle? 你能猜出这个谜吗? 2. 谜一般的人;难题;莫名其妙的事情 All she said was a riddle to me. 她所说的一切对我来说是一个谜。 enigma 谜;难以理解的事物 mystery 1. 神秘的事物...

“谜”的英文:riddle;enigma;conundrum;mystery 例句: 智慧的根源是一个谜。 The roots of intelligence are a mystery. 到底谁在买入日圆,这个谜变得越发深不可测了。 The mystery deepens on who exactly is buying the yen. 现在猜到是谁...

谜 [名] mystery; riddle; enigma; conundrum; [例句]这对我来说是个谜。 It's a mystery to me. 事实证据和法庭证据使得自杀成为解开他死因之谜的最令人信服的答案。 Factual and forensic evidence makes a suicide verdict the most compelli...

谜的英语 puzzle riddle mystery 这件事始终是一个谜。 The affair rests a mystery.

猜字谜,英语是:guess a riddle about a character/word. 解释: guess 英[ges] 美[ɡɛs] vt. 推测; 猜测,臆测; 猜中; 假定,认为; vi. 猜,猜测; 猜对; n. 猜测; 推断; [例句]The suit was faultless: Wood guessed that he was a very s...

猜灯谜 用英语表达 翻译如下: guess lantern riddles

谜语 英文为:riddle riddle 英 ['rɪd(ə)l] 美 ['rɪdl] vt. 解谜;给...出谜;充满于 n. 谜语;粗筛;谜一般的人、东西、事情等 vi. 出谜 谜底 英文为:answer to a riddle

应该 是 puzzle 迷

riddle 谜语

翻译如下 虽然英语是如何产生的还是个谜 Although how English was produced is a mystery


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