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1、事先请假也不可能有纸质请假条,所以补假条是很正常的; 2、你应该提前电话请假,你没请,他有权利拒绝; 3、你可以说明你晚到的原因以及跟认可老师打了招呼,却不知道要另外找辅导员请假,可谓不知者不罪。

可选中1个或多个下面的关键词,搜索相关资料。也可直接点“搜索资料”搜索整个问题。 病假条 联系方式 苏州 黄牛 搜索资料本地图片 图片链接 提交回答...

Dear teacher, I am sorry to write to you for one day leave on Tuesday when my brother is going to have his wedding ceremony, this is his important time , I must go there to send my greetings and also help him to make the weddin...

Dear Mr Li, I am sorry that I cannot go to class Today.I had a bad cold yesterday, so I need to go to see the doctor. So I ask one day.for a leave.If I get better, I will go to school tomorrow.Thank you.


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