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求一首男生唱的英文歌,有一句歌词里好像有wAkE up...

是daniel powter唱的free loop个人也很喜欢这首歌我确定是这首歌,虽然回答的有点晚O(∩_∩)O哈,还是希望能纳为最佳答案,谢谢!

歌曲:Party Shaker 艺术家:R.I.O. FEAT. NICCO

滨崎步的wake me up吗

成俊Wake Up

女的吧,是Colbie Caillat 的一首The Little Things.高潮部分歌词Wake up wake upthis ain't just a thing that youGive up give up

westlife - you raise me up记得采纳啊

hilary duff的?《wake up》from most wanted 神采飞扬

歌曲:Party Shaker《Party Shaker》是R.I.O.乐队和Nicco 合作推出的EP,专辑内容为歌曲《Party Shaker》的6个版本.歌词:Wake up, wake up醒来,醒来People getting on听到这首歌I'm gonna rock your body赶快摇动你的身体Stand up,

歌曲:Party Shaker艺术家:R.I.O. FEAT. NICCO 歌词:Yeah, the party shakerWake up, wake upPeople getting ongonna rock your bodyStand up, stand upWe're moving all the way to the topWe flying high, so highTo the skyAnd we lead any

forgiveness - diane birch hallelujah, i got water, i got air the chains that once held me, now aren't there cause honey my heart has let you go, oh yes hallelujah, i got flowers in my hair when i crossed the border there were angels waiting there they took


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