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晩猟梧 梧簡嗤wAkE up stAnD up 溺伏蟹誼嘆貌頁...


~~音頁怏栽填 恷朔匯鞘傍議頁Strong Heart Strong Heart - 花直醍丗恬簡:花直醍丗, GIORGIO 13恬爆:GIORGIO CANCEMI園爆:GIORGIO CANCEMI梧:花直醍丗Don't wanna cry 埴のせいでもう日きたくないや これ參貧はこのを恷

StandAlice Cooper、XzibitYeahStand UpHa?What do you believe inHa?YeahStand UpAhaC'monJust a face in the crowdFeelin' lost, down and out(Can you hear me now)Millions more just like youAfraid to do what they wanna do(Am I getting

One, two, one, two, threeOh yeah yeahOh yeah yeah yeahOoh!Oh yeah yeahOh yeah yeah yeahOoh!Never had much faith in love or miraclesNever wanna put my heart on the line.But swimming in your world is something spiritualI'm born again every

k丞魁井different colors

梧兆:wake 梧返:hillsong young & free 宸頁匯遍曳熟徴來議梧,廣吭互嬬

STAND UP恬簡: JAMOSA LAN恬爆: JAMOSA LAN / I-DeA伏まれて兜めて 需つめた暴は械に、樋咄預いてばかりのLITTLE GIRLしたいことから毛げた祐いこともさけた徭蛍に徭佚のない秤けないそうカッコわるいヤツでしょこんなわがま

ゞparty shaker〃Wake up, wake up 佰栖,佰栖People getting on 油欺宸遍梧I'm gonna rock your body 枯酔辧強低議附悶Stand up, stand up 軟羨,嫋軟栖We're moving all the way to the top 音炉匯俳,哈卯畠魁We flying high, so high 猖欺敬軟栖

Airplanes --B.o.B&Eminem&Hayley WilliamsB.O.B Chorus - Hayley Williams) Can we pretend that airplanes In the night sky 厘断嬬音嬬邪廾頁椎匚腎嶄議敬字 Are like shooting stars 祥餬符議苧佛匯劔 I could really use a wish right now (wish right



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