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暑假到了你一定有许多想做的事请你以my summEr plA...

My summer vacation When september comes,I back to school again.In the last summer vacation,I enjoyed myself. In the summer vacation,I often got up later than 7a.m.,because I had became very very tired during I studied in the school. I decided to

First, I will try my best to finish doing my homework as quickly as possible. Then I will review what I learnt and prepare for the new term. Second, I will visit my grandparents and stay with them for about a week. I will help them with the housework and

my summer holiday began from july 15th and will last for one and half month.i will finish my homework on time and prepare for the new lessons. i am going to learn swimming with my friend. swimming is great fun, especially in hot summer. of course

I'm excited that summer holiday is coming ,in this holiday,I will have a good rest ,school life make me feel very tired ,so I want to have a relaxing holiday ,and I 'll go somewhere interesting to enjoy myself or hang out with my best friends ,and then I 'll

My summer vacation of this year was very enjoyable. I went to the countryside to spend my summer holidays. It is very beautiful there. There are green plants, clear rivers, lovely animals kind people. I spent two weeks helping my grandfather do some

I am so glad that the summer holiday has come first I should make a holiday plan .I should do my homework first ,and I should learn the text next term.Second I want to join a English club, it not o

MY SUMMER VACATION After the final examination, I received a letter from my uncle and aunt who invited me to stay with them for a fortnight. They live in the countryside near a beautiful mountain. The news brought me a restless night. Next

My summer vacation is coming to the end .I have spent a happy summer vacation with my parent and my younger sister. During the holiday ,we went to Dalian for a visit , I saw the beautiful sea over there, it was really amazing .I don't know how to

this is my plan for my summer holiday.i will travel to Europe before going back home 旅行i will try to help other people while on my travelling 助人为乐i will buy something special for my family memebers 购买特产i will take a loot of photos while

我的暑假(my summer holidays) i like the summer holidy so much. i look forward to summer holiday every year. last summer, i went to shen zhen for my holiday, which is also a city of seashore like haikou. i enjoyed having a walk along the beach



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