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下面这些都是我比较喜欢的DJ,很High,希望你也喜欢~~~~ [经典第一波:] 01 )time to rock (很多人极力推荐的DJ,不得不听呀!) 02 )yeah - 亚瑟小子 (超级好听!) 03 )walking in the sun 04 )Dance Now (凤舞九天5开场曲) 05 )sound of my dream...

Timbaland 的 Atomic Kitten - Nothing in the world 50 Cent - In Da Club A better day anyclub becauseyoulive believe me BK love Can you feel my world can't stop MTVTOP COM Dangerous Mind Ein Kleines Lied Candee En Dag Tilbage Fre...

歌手:Def Leppard 专辑:X Def Leppard - Everyday I gave in when you gave out You showed me the way to love, there ain't no doubt Always together and never apart Disappeared, didn't say a word I slept right through, guess I neve...

碧昂丝的 Single Ladies 艾薇儿的 Girlfriend Onerepublic的 Secrets 这个前奏很好听 我一听就喜欢上了 虽然不是很嗨 但是很有节奏感 One Direction的 What Makes You Beautiful 不跳都对不起这首歌

Gangsta Walk

Blown Away Carrie Underwood Dry lightning cracks across the skies Those storm clouds gather in her eyes Daddy was mean ole mister Mama was an angel in the ground The weather man called for a twister She prayed blow it down Ther...

是组合,fall out boy的My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark

sarvar abv by,原唱是乌兹别克的,后来花无心DJ改编过,应该就是这个

这首歌 是英文歌 我以前听歌 以前名字好像是超好听什么的 我都忘了

Remember The NameFort Minor的 很好听的哦


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