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visiting card因为信笺通常是小卡片。除非是国家元首访问才很正式,但通常内容不多,所以只是用卡片而已。鼓用card

My respected xxx(客户名): We are a industry instrument export company, we are operate(介绍一下你们公司主营业务), i think whether your company need our product or service, in order to let us understand each other, we can make a...

拜访: [ bài fǎng ] 1. pay a visit 2. call on 其它相关解释: 例句与用法: 1. 让我们去拜访他们吧。 Let's go visit them. 2. 明天我将要去拜访他。 Tomorrow I'll pay a call on him. 3. 他们动身去拜访他们的朋友。 They were off to visit a...

Dear Mr./Ms xxx This is Isaac, a salesman from LDH. It will be very pleasant if we can have a meeting with you in our Shenzhen office for futher discussion on our business.Our sales manager will be available from 2:30 to 4:30 p...

希望我们的合作能够走的长远 ------- I hope our cooperation will go farther and further. 文采句: Farther and further will our cooperation go, I hope.

登门拜访 pay sb. a visit come [go] on a visit to sb.'s house call on sb. in person 谢谢,我下次在登门拜访 Thanks,I will come on a visit to your house next time Thanks,I will call on you in person next time Thanks,I will pay you...

introduction 名词形式 introduce 动词

We often watch great Spring Festival Gala on TV at New Year's Eve

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