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话呢? the BAOAN art city lie BAOAN no.25 CBD in ShenZhen. The total area of It is 20000 square meter,total investment is more than 120 million. Opening is at November,2010. 太麻烦了后面

这个世界上有三个“苹果”。 This world there are three "apple". 第一个苹果,被夏娃吃了。 The first apple, was eve ate. 第二个苹果,砸到牛顿了。 The second apple, hit to Newton. 第三个苹果,被乔布斯捡走了。 Third, apple was jobs go...

The apple products of Jobs have instilled a new life to us! Steve Jobs once said": to live is to change the world! We're here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?" Absolutely right! In this new centu...


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