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您好, apparently 音标:英 [əˈpærəntli]; 美 [əˈpærəntlɪ] 意思: adv. 显然地; 表面上; 似乎; 显而易见 同义词: “可见地,公开地”释义下的同义词: overtly, visibly, openly, perceivably...

Obviously ——used to mean that a fact can easily be noticed or understood. Apparently ——①used to say that you have heard that something is true, although you are not completely sure about it ② according to the way someone looks ...

apparently 表面上看起来... 隐含的意思是 内在其实不是 obviously 很明显的..表示非常明显, 人人都应该看到的.


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