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appeal是什么意思appeal 释义:n. 恳求;呼吁;上诉;吸引力 n. (体育比赛中)诉请裁决 v. 呼吁;有吸引力;求助;

appeal用法是什么!越详细越好!用作动词 (v.)appeal against〔from〕 (v.+prep.)提起上诉 ask a higher court of law to reconsider (a judgment made by

appeal的用法是什么?(忘记了1. VERB 动词 呼吁;恳请;恳求 If you appeal to someone to do something, you make a serious and urgent request to them.

appeal是什么意思及反义词appeal n. 恳求;呼吁;上诉;吸引力n. (体育比赛中)诉请裁决v. 呼吁;有吸引力;求助;诉请 request(

appeal有哪些意思和用法?我要例句词组短语~1 appeal for 呼吁 He appealed for his parents' forgiveness.他恳求他的双亲宽恕他.2 appeal to 向…呼吁; 向…请求 By

appeal用法及搭配是什么?搭配:1、strong appeal 强烈要求 2、artistic appeal 艺术魅力 3、great appeal 巨大的吸引力 4、radio

appeal中文是什么意思?n.请求, 呼吁, 上诉, 吸引力, 要求 vi.求助, 诉请, 要求 vt.控诉

appeal怎么用?vt.1. 【法律】将…上诉;将…移交上级法院审理:例句: to appeal a case to a higher tribunal 把案件向高一级法院上诉2. [

appeal有哪些意思和用法?我要例句词组短语~appeal 英[əˈpi:l] 美[əˈpil] 过去式:appealed 过去分词:

appeal的用法是什么?(忘记了是appeal sb. to do sthappeal 要求,恳求1.appeal to sb.for sth.如:We appealed to him for help.我们向他求援


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