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it could have been。。。 是什么意思 it could have been。。。 是一个完成时态的虚拟语气的句型,表达原本应该如何,潜在意思是现在的结果与原本预期差别很大 意思是:这个(事情,状态)本来(是)可以。。。。,结果现在。。。

could have been 可能是; 可以是; 本来是; 本该

could have been 表示过去本可以做什么事情,结果没有做。 may have been表示过去有可能做了什么,但是可能性非常小,也就是不肯定。 如: What could have been done better? 有哪些本可以做的更好? We would not be as strong as what we cou...

“would+have+done”虚拟语气,表示对过去事情的假设,意思是“本来会做”。 1. I would have told you all about the boy's story, but you didn't ask me. 我本来会告诉你这个小男孩的故事,但是你没有问我。 2. Without your help, I wouldn't ha...

you could have been better 你本来可以更好。

A 因为could have done是对过去发生的事表示遗憾,所以答语也应该是指他在过去一再犯这样的错误。

could have done 表示“过去本可能做某事(而实际上没能做成)”

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第一句中could是情态动词,情态动词后面用动词原型,第二句中the door是单数所以用has

- The computer could have been used by them. ( could 之后的动词一定是不定式动词, 意思是没有变化的基本动词时态 , 所以是 have 基本词 ) - The door has been opened. 用 has 是 因为 提及的主语是 door . ( 假如这句子添加单词 could, 它...


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