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it could have been。。。 是什么意思 it could have been。。。 是一个完成时态的虚拟语气的句型,表达原本应该如何,潜在意思是现在的结果与原本预期差别很大 意思是:这个(事情,状态)本来(是)可以。。。。,结果现在。。。

could have been 表示过去本可以做什么事情,结果没有做。 may have been表示过去有可能做了什么,但是可能性非常小,也就是不肯定。 如: What could have been done better? 有哪些本可以做的更好? We would not be as strong as what we cou...

could have been 可能是; 可以是; 本来是; 本该

could have done 是指本可以做却未做 may have done 表示可能已经做过某事

歌曲名:《What Could Have Been Love》 歌手:Aerosmith 专辑:《Music From Another Dimension!》 发行时间:2012-11-05 流派:摇滚 发行公司:SONY MUSIC 歌词: What Could Have Been Love Aerosmith I wake up and wonder how everything w...

歌曲名:Could Have Been You 歌手:Joss Stone 专辑:Colour Me Free Joss Stone - Could Have Been You (Edited By KhAryl @ MaxRnB) Oh it's a shame We used to be so tight Tell me what's your gain? Since you left me outside I'm gonna ch...

what you could have been 你可以是什么

这里could have been more annoying表示那件annoying的事情已经发生了,如果用 nothing can be more annoying 表示这事还未发生,是对将来的假设。

- The computer could have been used by them. ( could 之后的动词一定是不定式动词, 意思是没有变化的基本动词时态 , 所以是 have 基本词 ) - The door has been opened. 用 has 是 因为 提及的主语是 door . ( 假如这句子添加单词 could, 它...

你本来是我新的选择对象,(但现在不是了)。 这个句子采用的是虚拟语气,could have done 表示过去本来过去可以做但实际上没有做的事情,或本来过去出现的状态但实际上没有出现。主要考查could have done 的意义及用法。


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