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有词组beexcusedfrom,我想说句子中是不是省略了excuse“ 准许离开” be excused from 被允许从…离开 from后接一个表示地点的名词.be

“excuse for”与“excuse from”的区别是什么?excuse for”与“excuse from”的区别如下: excuse for :原谅 Too much work is no excuse for not studying . 工作

be excused from是什么意思be excused from 免除, 免于 -------------如有帮助请采纳, 如需帮助可追问,谢谢。

excuseoneselffrom的详细用法?excuse oneself from dutyShe is usually excused from her duties during the summer holiday.在暑期她

excuse oneself from的详细用法?excuse oneself from v.婉拒,借口推托; excuse oneself v. 为自己辩解 1. 要求得到原谅; 为自己辩解 She excused

excuse for excuse from 不同?请举例。。。excuse for :原谅 Too much work is no excuse for not studying . 工作太忙,不能成为不学习的理由。 excuse from:


英语from有什么用法?1.从起,始于 She is singing from morning to night. 她从早唱到晚。 2.从;由 He rose from office boy to

…Excused from recycling because you live in a high其实再搜一下你就应该能找到结果了,似乎是阅读题,题目和答案我也一起贴出来好了: Excused from recycling because you


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