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【favorably的意思】赞同地, 亲切地, 好意地=favourably 作业帮用户 2017-09-17 举报 2021 作业帮联系方式:

favorably的意思副词 ad. 1.赞同地;善意地 He looked favorably on Jim. 他赞许地望着吉姆。 2.有利地;顺利地;适宜地 Her

请大家帮分析,which修饰谁的? favourably在which 指代 the lower fields,。。。which make up a very small proportion of our farm是插入成分,favourably意思是

favorably|favoringly|favourably有什么区别?favorably ,favuorably 用法一样,只是英英和美英写法上的区别。是表示人的感情,主观的 favoringly 是表示事物本身的,较

Looking forward to your favourably reply. 这句话Favorable 就可以吧。加ly不是修饰动词的吗


less favourably回答:可以理解成被动语态,转换成other farms are sited less favorably就容易理解了.


一个单词的意思给你举一个例子: Cottonseed compared favorably as a source of protein to other traditional food sources in several

媲美什么意思媲 pi、bi 部首: 女 部首笔画: 03 总笔画: 13 媲 pì 〈动〉 (1) 匹配;配偶 [marry] 媲,配也。——《五经


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