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go ovEr to Do是什么意思

Go over to朝…去,后可加n或不定式,如go over to the sea去海边; go over to speak to him去和他说话。→第七维King←

go up上升;增长;被兴建起来 go over复习,重温;仔细检查;转变;润色 go up hills 爬上丘陵 go over hills 越过丘陵 go off 离开 I'd better have waited till the rain went off. 我当时要是等雨停再走就好了。 私奔 She went off with the ...

let's. go over tothe brysons' 让我们去到布朗森家”

到...那里去 例: Go over to Jose (到Jose那边去)

这个to go over 是做定语,修饰说明time 句子意思: 直译:今天早上你有和我一起过工地去的时间吗? 意译:今天早上你有时间和我一起过工地吗?

go/walk over to 去/走过去

我只是想复习些东西。 just like to 只是想。。+do sth。做什么

这是一个 did nothing but do sth 句型 这里省略了to (did nothing but to do sth) but 的意思是除了的意思 1. It follows, therefore, that most women desire nothing but to look beautiful . 因此大部分女性只想要看起来漂亮,这是有其道理...

反正记住有do 无to "did nothing "有"do",所以无to,选A


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