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go ovEr to Do是什么意思

Go over to朝…去,后可加n或不定式,如go over to the sea去海边; go over to speak to him去和他说话。→第七维King←

到...那里去 例: Go over to Jose (到Jose那边去)

这个to go over 是做定语,修饰说明time 句子意思: 直译:今天早上你有和我一起过工地去的时间吗? 意译:今天早上你有时间和我一起过工地吗?

go/walk over to 去/走过去

我只是想复习些东西。 just like to 只是想。。+do sth。做什么

这是一个 did nothing but do sth 句型 这里省略了to (did nothing but to do sth) but 的意思是除了的意思 1. It follows, therefore, that most women desire nothing but to look beautiful . 因此大部分女性只想要看起来漂亮,这是有其道理...

Peter:Sure,but I need to do my homework first...Dad:Yes?爸爸:什么事?Peter:Could I go out for...my mom came over.我刚在电视机前坐下,我妈妈就...

girls, I do not have to go home that night....down, again how to recover, a crack into over...2018-03-01 英文EXIT翻译成中文是什么意思 20 2017...

反正记住有do 无to "did nothing "有"do",所以无to,选A


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