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go to sB For是什么意思


去找某人 牛津英语有

向某人寻求帮助;找某人有某事 They will go to the advisers and brokers: that is what has happened in past bear markets. 他们会走进顾问和经纪人的办公室的:这种现象在过去的熊市中发生过。

意思都一样,但翻译的时候有区别: ask sb. for help 请求某人帮忙 go to sb for help 求助于某人。

Go out with sb: 和某人交往 ;和某人一起出去 ;和某人出去 go out to 对…充满同情;(心)向往

go to talk to sb 更偏向书面语言,go talk to sb 更偏向口语

你好,很高兴为你解答 特意去(为某人)做某事 这件事不是顺路(by the way)就可以完成的,而是要绕道(go out of one's own way ),可以稍改一下句子顺序,变成: go out of one"s own way to do sth (for sb ). 希望能帮到你,谢谢

英语中,当两个或两个以上作用相同的不定式并列时,为了避免重复,通常只在第一个不定式前用不定式符号to,其余不定式前的to可以省略。又如: I told my younger brother to stay there and wait for me. 我叫我弟弟在那儿等我。 I'm wondering ...

go away to的意思是去,而go away for则是离开 leave for是前往,而leave to则是留某事给…处理 leave sth for sb 是把什么留给什么人 如:She left these flowers for you. leave sb for sb 是离开什么人去和什么人在一起 如:He left his wife ...

固定词组 ph. 1.【俚】努力争取;冒险尝试;大胆一试 When she heard about the chance for promotion, she decided to go for it. 当她听到升迁的机会时,她决定冒险一试。 以下结果来自互联网网络释义 go for it 1.加油 【转贴】琅琅上口的英语日...


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