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i'm Coming,thAilAnD,phukEt thAilAnD,什么意思

Thailand 英 ['taɪlænd]美 ['taɪlænd] n. 泰国 例句 1. Officials from laos and thailand couldn't be reached. 记者无法联系到老挝和泰国的官员。

Oh shit! Phuket, Thailand! Phuket, Thailand是泰国在国外知名的旅游胜地。 shit最普遍的脏话了吧。TMD eat that shit up对。。。感冒,但是还是脏话。shit在脏话里是万能代词。 Phuket Thailand Phuket Thailand!这是一个借助谐音的玩笑,fuck...


Phuket Thailand发音: ['pu:'ket] ['tailænd; -lənd] 网络释义: 泰国普吉岛 泰国·布吉 短语: Phuket - Thailand 泰国 PHUKET THAILAND THPHU HKT 普吉 Phuket island of Thailand 泰国普吉岛 例句: 1.Thai fishermen use a crane ...

128/250 Baan Boa Resore Phuket,Moo5,T.Radsada(moobantopland) A.Muanyphuket ,Phuket,8300 Thailand. 在普吉岛,你要写这样能送东西。

泰国 普吉府 帕通镇 派拉赞奴克鲁路 (路名简单音译就可以)

Politics The king has little direct power under the constitution but is the anointed protector of Thai Buddhism and a symbol of national identity and unity. The present monarch enjoys a great deal of popular respect and moral a...

The Kingdom of Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia. To its east lie Laos and Cambodia; to its south, the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia; and to its west, the Andaman Sea and Burma. Its capital and largest city is Bangkok, ca...


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