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【Timefliessoquickly!Webecomemature(成熟的)girlsorBDACB  ADABC41.B考查疑问词的辨析.根据题干可知这是一个宾语从句,结合句意:我们已经是成熟的男孩或女孩了,至少已经成为了

47xxx_47xxx47xxx 现在已经怀孕26周了,羊水穿刺结果为47xxx,我想知道这样的孩子能要吗?我上网看到资料说这种孩子外表特征跟正常人一样,然后智商会比正常

Mature-ageuniversitystudentsareannoying,Iknow.I32.D.推理判断题.根据文章第二段"Although afraid,I eventually took a university preparation course and a year later became a

LiNaisa15-year-oldschoolgirl.ShewantsapenfriendHi,I'm Ashley.I'm 12,much more mature(成熟的),though.I love Japan.I love Japanese cartoons and J-pop music.So if you're

参加SM2考试是怎样一种体验?// 10.22.2018 应学妹要求扩充了关于项目的介绍和我个人关于这个项目的一些感受,加在考试信息之后,

英语作文My friendJohn is the most diligent student in our class. He is one of my friends. As a matter of fact, he gets

Mostyoungboyslikespendingtimeonthingslikevideo32.B 细节理解题.由第一段中的but Ken,a 9-year-old boy from the Philippines,is spending his free time trying to start

申请大学本科的个人陈述怎么写?to increasing my knowledge, expanding my view of the world and getting more and more mature。

爱的智慧英语作文 120字的 急急急 各位大哥The witness of love(Title) As far as we know, a great number of things can be define as the acting of

高中英语该怎么学???1782 mature 出现频率排名第1782 出现过1次1803 mom 出现频率排名第1803 出现过1次 1804


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