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系统需求 PHP >= 5.3 Fileinfo Extension GD Library (>=2.0) … or … Imagick PHP extension (>=6.5.7) 安装部署 Integration/image 在 composer.json [require] 节增加,之后执行 composer update "intervention/image": "2.0.15" Laravel 配置...

通过 composer 安装 composer intervention/image 修改 config/app.php 文件,添加 $providers 和 $aliases 'Intervention\Image\ImageServiceProvider' 'Image' => 'Intervention\Image\Facades\Image' By default Intervention Image uses PHP...

Trying to upload an image via AJAX but having issues... The form: {{ Form::open(array('class' => 'update-insertimage-form', "files" => true,)) }} {{ Form::file('image', array('class' => 'update-insertimage-btn', 'name' => 'upda...

laravel 中有很多其他库可以实现图片缩略啊,例如: intervention/image 现在已经有 2.3.8 版本了,只需要 composer require intervention/image

laravel下推荐些包 intervention/image barryvdh/laravel-debugbar maatwebsite/excel jenssegers/agent


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