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lEt s go to work

肯定是ok 否定是sorry,I have something to do.



不知道你是不是要的是这首 , John Legend - P.D.A We just don't care

第二个 这是习惯用语 比如go fishing

Straight To Number One [dreamcatcher's Mix] Touch And Go Ten kiss me on the lips Nine run your fingers through my hair Eight touch me slowly slowly Seven Hold it! Let's go straight to number one to number one number one to numb...

Let s Go to the Garden! Let s go to the garden! Let s go to the garden! Let s go to the garden! Oh! Let s go! Collect some leaves. And pick some flowers. Let s stay in the garden for seven hours! Let s go to the garden! Let s g...

B 试题分析:句意:凯特。让我们立刻开始工作吧。我们要迟到了。别着急。我们至少还有20分钟。A一点也不B别着急,别紧张C没关系D不客气;故选B。

Memory's frozen in a picture frame Days go on things will never be the same any more Thoughts of you when a love never late How can I pull through when you left too soon I believe a part of you will always stay with me I can fe...

let's go to the school 意思是让我们去这所学校. let's go to school 我们去上学. 如果是指“上学”,通常用 go to school go to the school 去到学校,并不一定是上学. 所以不要the


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