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梧爆兆:Love Is Gone 梧返:Blind 廨辞:Blind だけどきっと この謁(かべ)を(の)り埆(こ)えて佩(ゆ)くのだろう あぁ 溝鏡(こどく)な徭喇(じゆう)と (む)きあったままで 消(ひさ)しぶりに 穴(あ)った嶼寂(な

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梧返:barry manilow 廨辞:2:00 am paradise cafe When love is gone What good is candlelight Each lonely day Becomes a sleepless night No one is there to share the rising dawn And so it fades away when love is gone When love is gone Life's

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梧爆兆:love is gone梧返:julie c廨辞:steady groundlove is color_blind sarah connoryeah!what's up?it's tq and sarah againhaha, right back at ya (love is color blind)that's rightthis time we got a serious situationand we're tryna do our parts to

項精互返ゞ覺麌傍厘握低〃(将灸)! http://www.ku6.com/show/_NVXnlgPXltaNjSt.html 項精互返ゞ弊順が嶮わるまでは〃(岷欺弊順議勝遊)! http://music.fenbei.com/12045367

love is gone 梧爆圻蟹:梳小畑邦 侭奉廨辞:my baby grand~ぬくもりが圀しくて~ 園 爆:学弥寄初 惇 爆:逐香屎 野 簡:梳小畑邦 梧簡:晩猟梧簡:だけどきっと この謁(かべ)を(の)り埆(こ)えて佩(ゆ)くのだろう あぁ 溝


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