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make out是什么意思How are you making out with the new job?你的新工作进展如何?You've been dying to make out

making out什么意思making out 是make out 的 v-ing 这一非谓语动词的形式。其意义如下:make out 1. 填写(表格); 开出(支票、账单)Please

make out 在这里什么意思?这里的make out是指做出,生产出的意思。另make out的意思如下:1.辨别出I could hardly make

make out什么意思1.填写2。看出,辨别出3。企图证明 说明4。设法应付,进展5。理解,了解6,假装

made out在的美语口语中的意思make out 俚语中有以下用法,此处就是相互亲吻,抚爱的意思.Slang 【俚语】To neck; pet.相互亲吻;抚爱 To have sexual

make out 和figure out的区别figure out 表示 看透;make out表示 理解、懂得.前者主要指人,后者重要指事物、事情

关于make out假装,装作:He made out to be ill.他假装生病。Anna has always made out that her father was rich, but it isn't true

make out有“勉强”辨认出的意思吗?回答:make out只是表示辨认出的意思 不能强调"勉强" 你可以在此之前加 just 或者在后面加reluctantly or with an ill grace,就

make out有什么意思1.填写(表格); 开出(支票、账单)Please make out a bill for these goods.请给这些物品开个账单。The check was made out

make out在为“理解”意思时相同的词组,好像有work out还有puzzle out,但是work out, figure out 和 puzzle out可以互换。比较倾向于“通过努力而解决某事”make out一般在口语中不会做

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