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Queue-up orderly有秩序地排队Queue Up for Bus排队上车queue/upline up排队等候queue upv. 排队等候n. 队列;长队;辫子vi. 排队;排队等候vt. 将…梳成辫子;使…排队

queue up 意为“排队等候”line up意思“排成行,排成列”两个词组都有“排成一对”的意思,但是“queue up”偏向于“等候”,但line up 就不一定是为了等候才排成队列的.

queue up 英[kju: p] 美[kju p] v. 排队等候; [例句]People are queueing up to work for me!想为我效力的人可是排着长队呢!

queue up v. 排队等候 Queue up at the box office.在售票处排队 (有等待的意思.)------------------- line up v. 整队, 排列起 All the canoes line up at the starting line.所有划艇都排在起始线上了.(只是排整齐的意思,没有说要等待.)

queueNouna line of people or vehicles waiting for somethingVerbqueuing or queueing, queued(often foll. by up)to form or remain in a line while waiting 英文的解释里,queue做动词的时候常常后面跟着up,可见up本身就是可以省略的. 两者意思相同.例句Brits queue up for Sony PSP. 英国人排队购买Sony PSP

line up 排队

queue是排队的意思, 不及物动词, 后面不能加名词.比如说: We must queue.而line up是及物动词, 使用时需要在后面加上名词, 或者lined up作为形容词使用.同意思的: We must be lined up.下面给出两个词在牛津英汉汉英词典中的释义

We should queue up when we are getting on buses.

英语里没有gueue,你说的是queue 排队吧queue up是排队等候的意思.

English translation 1. We had to wait a long time for the team to get the service (queue up) 2. The people in the queue waiting for the bus (queue) 3. He vivid imitation of the president (impression) 4. His speech left us with a deep impression (


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