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as a result of 和resulting from 的区别as a result of 和resulting from 的区别 1、语义不同 as a result of 指of 后面的结果。 as a result of:adv.

这句话非谓语应该是resulted from还是resulting from应该是resulting from 因为result from "产生于…, 由…引起", 是一个不及物动词短语, 它与 The industrial revolution

resultfrom用法例句and wives.也可作宾语从句,如:The company has made a lot development resulting from its expan

请问这个句子有语法错误吗?resulting from用的正确吗为什么有进行时出来,这个不是延续动词啊,直接which partially resulted from。 from后面的文法有问题,首先,number increase

result from用法例句result from 意思是"由于某种原因而", 可作谓语, 如: A good marriage results from mutual trust between

这句话非谓语应该是resultedfrom还是resultingfrom应该是resulting from因为result from "产生于…,由…引起",是一个不及物动词短语,它与 The

result of和result from的区别是什么result of 导致怎么样的结果 result from 由什么导致的

resulting from stemming from lying in resulting in 这四resulting from stemming from lying in resulting in 由于说谎而导致

result in 和result from 怎么区别回答:result in 是导致的意思,(导致什么结果)result from由于什么的意思(表原因)

Result from 和 Result in 这两个短语如何区分,理解result from 起因于 由……产生 是……的结果,更侧重于强调起因,即from后面接事情的起因。【例】Nothing had resulted

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