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1.1与头部相关的英语习语举例 头(head)被认为是人体最重要的部位.它是脑的所在处.因此经常和思想智慧相联系.有句习语体现这一特征:Two heads are ...

turn up one's nose at 的意思是:对…嗤之以鼻;看不起。 turn up one's nose at=Look down one's nose (at)。 近义词:look down upon / look down on。 例句:Respecting game, have to mention naturally depend on electronic game and rise...

turn up one's nose at 瞧不起; 傲视; 例句 1.You should not look down your nose at him. 你不应该瞧不起他。 2.Mary looks down her nose at people in business. 玛丽瞧不起做生意的人。

一般固定的搭配是这个 turn one's back on someone 是不理会某人或拒绝帮助某人 turn ones back to 并不算是固定搭配 可以这么理解 turn ones back 就是背对某人了,有背弃的意思

turn ones back to do sth 拒绝某人做某事 不愿帮助 不理睬 One ought never to turn one's back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it. 一个人绝对不可在遇到危险的威胁时,背过身去试图逃避。

I brush my teeth every morning and nignt . you should brush your teeth at least twice every day. please turn off the light when you leave. you could turn off right at the first round. If they offer to help clean up, why say no?...


it's ones turn to do意思是轮到某人做某事 例如:It's my turn to clan the classroom 轮到我清洁课室了

in one's turn adv. 轮到某人; [例句]Undergo a change; become different in essence; losing one's or its original nature. an ironic turn of events 经过改变;在本质上的变化;改变原来的属性。事件的讽刺性的转变

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