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tear -> torn vt. 折磨、撕裂 war-torn 饱经(受)战争折磨的

春望 国破山河在, 城春草木深。 感时花溅泪, 恨别鸟惊心。 烽火连三月, 家书抵万金。 白头搔更短, 浑欲不胜簪。 Spring View On war-torn ...

Bethune cared for the wounded in wartorn Spain and China, and in the process revolutionized military medicine. 提问者评价 谢谢你 评论 | zhjwyjh | ...

B 短语辨析. A.开始从事;拿起;B.接受;理解;C.保持;继续 D.组织进入.根据题意,在一些饱受战争创伤的国家里,必须快速的建起临时住所来接收这些无家可归的人.选B.

My grandfather grew up in war-torn Europe. When German soldiers occupied his hometown ,the thriving city of Tarow, Poland, he refused to obey them and eventually joined the Soviet army to fight for his country’s freedom . “Stan...


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